Frost Control Systems has made many changes and here are a few:


Upgrade Your Control Panel

New Controller for the Food Industry


We are now working through distributors that allow us to provide you with the same high quality products and trained installers. We will design your Control System according to your specifications and the installers offer service after the installation.

Upgraded Control Panel:

  • If it's not a Frost Control Panel - We can upgrade some non Frost Control Panels
  • New Color Touch Screen
  • User friendly
  • Ladder Logic
  • Two Levels of Pass Codes
    • User Level Technical Level Networking Can Network Multiple Control Panels
    • From PC/IPad or Smart Phone (by down loading VCN Viewer App)
      • Monitor
      • View Data Up to 3 months (recommend print out every month and delete) after that it over writes oldest
      • Make Changes (address alarm, change temp, see what the room is doing)
  • No Special Software (It’s like Windows 95 to Windows 2013)
  • No Chart Recorder Needed
  • VCN App to Access Control Panel
  • We provide training after startup and O&M’s for reference

New Controller for Food Industry:

Based Controller with Ladder Logic programming, room temperature range from -40°F to 120°F, full color ouch screen display, controls temperature to (+/-) .1°F, Uniformity (+/-) .5°F, High/Low alarms and mechanical failure alarm, defrost control, can control both cooler and freezer, can be remotely accessed for monitoring, data logging, and adjustments, UL listed control panel components, Safety options – Freon detector, panic switches.

For More Information please contact:  Jill@Frostenv.com